If you’re struggling with mounting debts in the Chicago area, and you don’t see any way that you can pay those debts, discuss your rights and options promptly with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. Bankruptcy is a legal option exclusively for people who want to get right financially, take care of their obligations, and move forward productively. It would be difficult to say that bankruptcy can become an addiction, but the sad fact is that thousands of people repeatedly file for bankruptcy with no intention of following through and completing the procedure. They are simply trying to get out of paying their debts, and they abuse the bankruptcy process when they do that.

One study of bankruptcies in Utah over a two-decade span found that about one in five bankruptcy filers were routinely abusing the system. The abusers repeatedly filed bankruptcy to take advantage of the automatic stay that halts foreclosures and wage garnishments. Even though their bankruptcies were eventually dismissed, those people still had the benefit of a temporary reprieve from collections.

The study also determined that overwhelmingly, most people filing for bankruptcy are not abusing the system. They were very typical people who simply had some debt troubles – like many of us – and needed some help. A good bankruptcy lawyer is always able to help clients like that. And if you’ve had a previous bankruptcy, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are abusing the system. If you need help, talk to a good bankruptcy lawyer.

While it’s not right for everyone, bankruptcy is the only option for some, and if it’s right for you, you’ll still have to determine – with your lawyer’s guidance – the type of bankruptcy and the specific terms. Complicated paperwork and documentation are required, and any mistake can be costly. In the Chicago area, if you face mounting debts that you simply will not be able to pay, don’t wait. Get help now and contact an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer immediately.