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The Bentz-Holguin Law Firm, LLC is an experienced full service law firm providing the Chicagoland area with premier Illinois bankruptcy, Criminal defense, Traffic Violation Defense, IRS Debt, and No-Contest Divorce legal services.

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If you are faced with criminal charges in or around the area, we strongly urge you to contact the Bentz & Holguin Law Firm for the best possible representation for your criminal case.

We have specialized in the area of criminal defense for over 12 years, and throughout this time have gained relevant experience navigating the many realms of the two state criminal justice system.Click here for more information

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The Bentz & Holguin Law Firm, LLC is an experienced full service law firm providing Chicago, Illinois with premier Illinois bankruptcy, criminal and traffic defense, family law, and IRS debt negotiations. Contact the Bentz & Holguin Law Firm today for a free consultation in any of our practice areas.

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