In Illinois, if you don’t see any way that you can pay your mounting debts, review your circumstances and options right away with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer. If you’re a person who wants to do the right thing legally and move forward with your life, bankruptcy may or may not be the best option, but a good bankruptcy lawyer can help you and your family get a fresh financial start and find the solutions that are in your best long-term interests. Unfortunately for many honest and hard-working families, a small number of people who file for bankruptcy are simply trying to duck from their responsibilities and have no intention of completing the bankruptcy procedure. In Florida, several judges are cracking down.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, over the last eighteen months, at least 85 Tampa Bay residents have been blocked by bankruptcy judges from refiling for up to two years. One Tampa Bay couple filed eighteen bankruptcy petitions over a decade. They lived mortgage-and-rent-free for twelve years. Another Tampa Bay couple filed eleven bankruptcy petitions over eight years to stop foreclosure. Tampa bankruptcy Judge Catherine Peek McEwen told the Times that serial bankruptcy filers are a “drain on the system’’ and cut into the time that court officials can spend on debtors with legitimate intentions.

Although it’s abused by a few, bankruptcy has given thousands the opportunity to settle their debts responsibly. While it’s not the best answer for everyone who is falling behind, bankruptcy is the only realistic option for some. After consulting with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer, if bankruptcy is your best option, you’ll still have to decide the type of bankruptcy and the precise terms. Thorough documentation and complicated paperwork are just a routine part of the bankruptcy process, but have an lawyer’s help. Any mistake you make could be costly and delay your bankruptcy. In or near Chicago, if you are dealing with debts that you will not be able to pay, get help now. Call or email an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer immediately.