Chicago Wrongful Death

Chicago wrongful death lawyerIf you lose a family member in a sudden, fatal accident because of another person’s recklessness or negligence, it’s imperative to file a wrongful death claim as quickly as possible. When you contact the Chicago wrongful death attorneys with a wrongful death claim, your inquiry is handled with sensitivity, dignity, and professional courtesy. A wrongful death lawsuit can help the loved ones of a wrongful death victim obtain the compensation they need to reimburse their many expenses and to move on with their lives. If you’ve lost a loved one in an accident because of another person’s negligence, obtain the legal help you need and contact the Bentz & Holguin Law Firm as quickly as possible.


Legally, a “wrongful death” is any fatality caused by another person’s (or corporation’s) negligence. A number of situations can lead to wrongful death, including:

  • – Traffic accidents
  • – Workplace accidents
  • – Nursing home abuse
  • – Defective products
  • – Property liability
  • – Criminal assault

These are common examples, but wrongful death threatens us and our families every day in a variety of ways.


If you have been impacted by a wrongful death in your family, the experienced Chicago wrongful death attorneys at Bentz Holguin Law Firm can help. We conduct our own investigation of the case, compile evidence and line up witnesses on your behalf, and aggressively pursue every cent of compensation that your family needs and deserves. Obviously, no sum of money can replace someone you love, but our Chicago wrongful death lawyers will seek reimbursement for your expenses including hospital bills, funeral bills, and burial costs. You may be able to receive reimbursement for these expenses along with compensation for emotional distress and for your loved one’s lost wages. If a negotiated settlement isn’t feasible, we will bring our considerable resources and experience to court on your behalf. Our record of success speaks for itself.

The Chicago wrongful death attorneys at the Bentz Holguin Law Firm will handle your case personally; you won’t be shoved over to an assistant, and we will never let you become just another case number. Our firm maintains the highest professional standards; provides quality services at a reasonable cost; and works to bring your wrongful death case to its best possible resolution. Contact the Bentz Holguin Law Firm today and schedule a free consultation online or by calling 312-647-2116.