You are not required to have an lawyer when you file for bankruptcy in Illinois, but the goal of bankruptcy is to resolve your debt problem, and going into a bankruptcy without an lawyer could actually exacerbate that problem. You could lose considerable cash and have your bankruptcy petition denied if you make any mistake on the paperwork or fail to meet any of the requirements. You’ll probably end up needing the services of a good bankruptcy lawyer anyway, so make that call first, and obtain the services of an experienced, Chicago-based Illinois bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy is the procedure that allows individuals, couples, or businesses to get a fresh financial start. There are several ways to go about it, but all bankruptcies have one element in common: the automatic stay. An order for relief – the automatic stay – goes into effect immediately when you file for bankruptcy. An automatic stay will not relieve you from child care or alimony responsibilities or any fines or other payments you may owe to Illinois courts. Nevertheless, once it’s in effect, the automatic keeps your creditors from pursuing foreclosure, repossession, wage garnishment, filing lawsuits, or demanding payments either verbally or in writing. It’s a civil offense for a creditor to violate an automatic stay, and you could actually win a judgment against any creditor who does. In the Chicago area, the creditors you identify in your bankruptcy petition will be immediately notified by the court regarding your automatic stay.

The automatic stay is a key element of the relief you’re entitled to when you file for bankruptcy. A good Chicago bankruptcy lawyer can discuss with you the various bankruptcy options and suggest the best alternative. If you’re struggling with unpayable debts or imminent foreclosure in the Chicago area, get the help you need and speak at once with an experienced, Chicago-based Illinois bankruptcy lawyer.