Bankruptcy is nothing to fear. After a bankruptcy, you’ll be able to start rebuilding your credit. Many are able to buy a car, a home, and rebuild their finances and lives. If your debts are spinning out of control, don’t be dissuaded from considering bankruptcy before you have all the facts. If you’re in the Chicago area, discuss your situation with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer who can explain the bankruptcy process and help you determine if bankruptcy or some other alternative is best for you.

By stopping foreclosure and repossession, obtaining protection from creditors, and discharging debt, those who file for bankruptcy get a second chance at setting their finances in order. For that second chance to succeed, some simple rules apply: make a budget and stick to it; start saving and save whenever you can; after establishing some savings, start slowly rebuilding your credit and making all payments on time.

There’s no rule about when or for whom bankruptcy is appropriate. A good bankruptcy lawyer will evaluate your individual circumstances before recommending any single option. In some circumstances bankruptcy is the only practical choice; in other cases, another approach may be less expensive and equally favorable. A good bankruptcy lawyer can explain debt negotiation, foreclosure relief, and the other alternatives to bankruptcy that may be best for you.

Nevertheless, bankruptcy is the only option for some, and if it’s right for you, you’ll still have to determine – with your lawyer’s help – the type of bankruptcy and the specific terms. Whether it’s a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, complicated legal paperwork and financial documentation will be required, and a simple mistake can be quite costly. In the Chicago area, if you face mounting debts that you simply will not be able to pay, don’t wait. Get help now and call an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer immediately.