When the stock markets are volatile – which is most of the time – an investment in real estate is an appealing financial prospect. While the real estate market has its own ups and downs, in most locations real estate reliably appreciates over the long run. When you buy a residence, a number of factors are involved including emotions and family considerations, but when you buy to invest, it’s strictly a business deal. In the Chicago area, seek the advice of an experienced Chicago real estate lawyer before entering into any real estate transaction. Along with retaining the services of a good real estate lawyer, take these steps:

– Know your goals. Are you buying to be a landlord or to restore and resell a property?
– Assess the market. Know what a “good deal” is and where to find one.
– Your real estate lawyer can “watch your back” and make certain that the transaction is fully legal and in your best long-term interests, but you’ll also need to hire a good real estate agent familiar with details about the local market and local neighborhoods.
– Find the right location. You should know if a property is in a high-crime or a high-noise location or a flood zone.
– Have the financial resources you’ll need lined up and ready to go.

Buying real estate isn’t like buying anything else. You must have the best advice available. With accurate knowledge, a good agent, and a good real estate lawyer, you can successfully accrue wealth by investing in Chicago-area real estate. The wise strategy for both buyers and sellers is to obtain the services of an experienced Chicago real estate lawyer. If you’re involved – or anticipate being involved – as a buyer or as a seller in any Chicago-area real estate transaction, get the help you need and contact a good Chicago real estate lawyer as quickly as possible.