In the United States, we like to be self-reliant, independent people. If you’re accused of a crime, your right to act as your own lawyer – as unwise as that might be – is a fundamental freedom. You can also file for bankruptcy in Illinois without the assistance of a good bankruptcy lawyer, but that isn’t wise either. You could lose even more of your resources if you make any mistakes, you can still be threatened with repossession and foreclosure, and you’ll still be subject to rude phone calls and annoying letters from collection agencies. Many people who attempt to file for bankruptcy on their own invariably end up going to a bankruptcy lawyer anyway; it’s just too complicated to do without experienced legal help. If you’re considering bankruptcy in the greater Chicago area, discuss your options – first and right away – with an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer.

Not everyone with overwhelming debt will qualify for bankruptcy, and bankruptcy isn’t necessarily your best option even if you qualify. A good bankruptcy lawyer can help you arrive at the decision that’s best for you. If bankruptcy is your best option, an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer can see to it that you have the full protection of the law. Bankruptcy exemptions will allow you to keep some of your personal property, and an automatic stay will be issued to prevent creditors from harassing you about most kinds of debt. If a creditor violates the automatic stay, your bankruptcy lawyer can move quickly and aggressively to have the stay enforced.

Don’t try to handle a bankruptcy by yourself. Your creditors won’t hesitate to hire their own savvy lawyers. In the greater Chicago area, if you’re thinking about bankruptcy, the wisest move is to seek the counsel of an experienced Chicago bankruptcy lawyer as quickly as possible.